Technical Projects

Space Automated Bio Lab(SABL), 2013-2015
Mechanical Design Engineer

   Responsible for mechanical, thermal, and systems-level design from project conception on SABL, a microgravity incubator for use on the International Space Station (ISS) for carrying out biological experiments. SABL has been handed over to the launching agency and should arrive to the ISS in late 2015 or early 2016 to begin operation.

MarsOASIS, 2014-2015
Project Manager

   Responsible for managing a 13 member interdisciplinary team with the objective of identifying a need, defining requirements, designing, prototyping, and testing a crop production chamber for the Martian surface. The prototype and documentation was delivered to NASA in June 2015.

LifeLab, 2014
Mechanical Systems Lead

   Lead member on the mechanical team tasked with designing the mechanical systems necessary to characterize and instrument both inlet and outlet gas streams of a test article for spacecraft life support systems (ECLSS) research. Included high pressure fluid systems, sensor implementation, and experiment-specific design.

LITEHABS, 2013-2014
ECLSS Design & Analysis

    LITEHABS was comprised of an 8 member team tasked with designing a long duration human space habitat to serve as a cis-lunar outpost. The Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) team designed and analyzed a system to provide a habitable and healthy environment for a crew of 4.
    LITEHABS was awarded first place in the graduate division of NASA/NIA's Revolutionary Aerospace Concepts (RASC-AL) competition in June 2014.

Project Manager & Systems Design

     Responsible for coordinating the design, construction, and operation of a miniature hybrid fuel rocket motor for outreach events. Using a combination of solid acrylic fuel and liquid nitrous as the oxidizer, the motor allowed viewers to get a clear picture of how hybrid rocket motors operate.

WKU Biofuels, 2013
Systems Engineer

   Responsible for interface management, operation oversight, and instrumentation on a 500 gallon/week biodiesel facility aimed at reducing campus fuel use. Produced from waste frying oil from campus eateries, the finished biodiesel was given to the university farm for agricultural equipment operation.


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